E-Prop™, What is it?

The E-Prop™ is a revolutionary new design. The E-Prop™ was invented by a Dental Hygienist who wanted to improve traditional methods of hand held suction. The E-Prop™ is an oral mouth prop that has the ability to hold a standard disposable suction tip. It is a simple design that is completely adjustable and can be positioned to eliminate liquids from pooling in the patients mouth. In addition to making a noticeable difference in patient comfort it allows dental professionals the freedom to perform dental procedures easier and faster. The sleek patent pending design allows for increased accessibility during dental procedures.

The E-Prop™ is an economical solution to hand held suction and traditional mouth props. The E-Prop™ is made of FDA approved Polypropolene and Santoprene plastics it is fully autoclavable allowing for a number of uses.